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Telemetry scripts are started when the model is loaded. script init function is called. script background function is periodically called when custom telemetry screen is not visible. Notice: In OpenTX 2.0 this function is not called when the custom telemetry screen is visible. Starting from OpenTX 2.1 this function is always called no matter if. Part III - OpenTX Lua API Reference. Part IV - Converting OpenTX 2.0 Scripts. Part V - Advanced Topics . Powered by GitBook. Telemetry Scripts. General description. Telemetry scripts are used for building customized screens. Each model can have up to three active scripts as configured on the model's telemetry configuration page. The same script can be assigned to multiple models. File Location.

Telemetry Scripts - OpenTX 2

  1. OpenTX 2.0 - Lua Telemetry Screen #1 Improving your Tx This is the first Lua telemetry screen script. It can be used to add an additional telemetry screen to any model. OpenTX firmware version 2.0.4 or greater is needed to use the script
  2. Yaapu FrSky Telemetry Script for OpenTX¶. This is an open source LUA script to display FrSky passthrough telemetry on Horus X10,X12, Jumper T16,T18, Radiomaster TX16S, Taranis X9D,X9E,QX7 and Jumper T12 radios using OpenTX 2.2.3.. Support for dual flight batteries is also provided. Hardware details are shown in FrSky passthrough telemetry also.. Display on Horus, Jumper T16/T18 and.
  3. opentx-telemetry. OpenTX Telemetry Script for Taranis X9D Plus with X8R Receiver. Based on olimetry.lua by Ollicious (bowdown@gmx.net). About. This is a simplified and stripped-down variant of the olimetry.lua script by Ollicious. I started working on this as some widgets of the original version did not work on OpenTX 2.1.6
  4. There are three kinds of OpenTX persistent Lua scripts. Model scripts, Function scripts and Telemetry scripts. They all use the same script language, but are used in slightly different roles. Model scripts A model script runs on a continuous basis once loaded into a model
  5. Script für OpenTX 2.1.x mit Telemetry Widgets. Das Script lässt den User einfach definieren, wieviel, was und wo erscheinen soll, ohne den Code umprogrammi..

OpenTX 2.0 - Lua Telemetry Screen #

This Script LuaPilot is a nice Telemetry screen for Taranis with OpenTX >2.16 and should work with Arducopter (Pixhawk, Fixhawk, AUAV-X2, etc.) and maybe others Flight controllers which are connected to an FrSky D-Receiver & X-Receiver. Thanks to SockEye, Richardoe, Schicksie, lichtl, ben_&Jace25,Clooney82&fnoopdogg for they Previous Work However, telemetry with sufficient data rate is obviously of great importance, especially for drones, and the currently available options to combine them with OpenTx-based transmitters are - as impressive works they are - little else than hacks and workarounds to get some basic functionality. The FrSky passthrough protocol is a good example Taranis Lua Telemetry Script für OpentX 2.2.x :Telemetry Script angepasst an TBS Cross Fire. von DeWe » Mi 14. Feb 2018, 18:27 » in Fernsteuerungen. 1; 2 47. Lua Telemetry uses the OpenTX settings for multilingual support. If language voice files or language translation file doesn't exist, Lua Telemetry will default to English. To change the voice prompts you set the Voice Language setting on the RADIO SETUP menu. You'll need to cycle power to your transmitter for Lua Telemetry to see the change. For the flight modes and config menu translation.

Review: FrSky Horus X10S Radio Transmitter - Oscar Liang

Useful links:http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-frsky-telemetry.htmlhttp://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-frsky-mavlink.htmlhttps://github.com/yaapu/F.. Bernds Telemetrie screen hab ich jetzt mit seiner Hilfe auf dem sim zu laufen gekriegt. Nur heißt der thread ja hier LUA für Anfänger (OpenTX 2.1.X). Also wollte ich mal von vorne Anfangen und hab mir dies hier vorgenommen all telemetry scripts are stopped while one-time script is running (see Lua One-time scripts) Script interface definition Every script must include a return statement at the end, that defines its interface to the rest of OpenTX code MAVLink telemetry LUA script for OpenTX. Dear Alessandro, thank you for the wonderful telemetry scripts! I have a coding idea and wanted to hear your expert opinion about it's feasibility. Background: After almost 30 years with Futaba, I recently changed to OpenTX (went with TX16S) and started using your telemetry scripts - which are awesome. As I am using ArduPilot with DragonLink.

Yaapu FrSky Telemetry Script for OpenTX — Copter documentatio

Lua bedeutet übersetzt die Sonne und ist eine einfache Scriptsprache. OpenTx unterstützt bei den ausreichend leistungsstarken Sendern den Einsatz von Lua. Da fragt man sich natürlich, wozu braucht man das im Sender. Die Konfigurationsvielfalt bei modernen Sendern nimmt immer mehr zu, aber auch die Möglichkeiten der Telemetrie. Trotzdem kann man nicht alle Fälle abdecken und so bietet Lua. I am making a lua telemetry script for OpenTX RC transmitter, and i would like to create a custom menu after the user press a button. I figured out how to check for button clicks but i would like to know if there is any function to create a custom menu for me. I found function popupInput(title, event, input, min, max) in opentx github documentation but when i call this function nothing seems. Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to your downloaded of the LUA script zip file. Extract the file and enter the extraction folder. In there you'll see a folder called TELEMETRY, right click and copy this folder. Switch on and Plug in your Taranis, and select SD card mode. Back on windows, navigate to the Taranis SD card, and enter it's. Das lua-script ist im Verzeichnis WIDGETS auf der SD-Karte abzulegen (entweder direkt im Verzeichnis oder einem Unterverzeichnis - Name egal). Danach kannst du über den Button TELE auf der Horus das Script aufrufen. Unter TELEmetrie musst du ein neues full screen widget anlegen und dein script auswählen. Gelegenheitsflieger -> mein Spielzeu

The first thing that I want to point out is that the Lua scripts are a brand new addition to OpenTX with v2.0.0, and as of v2.0.3, some changes have been made in anticipation of further use of scripts with the radio and things are being improved with each new version of OpenTX. I will cover that here in a minute. With that being said, we are not going to run any scripts in this introductory. RadioMaster TX16s: where do I activate LUA and telemetry scripts. openTx has introduced a range of new features, ideas and bling. It is fast becoming the firmware of choice for many users. openTx will run on ALL current hardware platforms, including the gruvin9x and sky9x boards. Work has already started to support the new FrSky X9D radio Tips. If you have any issues, first make sure you're using the release version 2.2.2+ of OpenTX. There's some bugs in pre-release and release candidate versions that cause Lua Telemetry to crash. Between flights (before armed), long-press Enter/dial and select Reset telemetry to reset telemetry values. If current sensor isn't present or battery. Help unpacking passtrough telemetry data with a LUA script in OpenTX 2.2. ArduCopter. Copter 3.5. yaapu (Alex Apostoli) January 18, 2018, 7:29pm #1. Hi all, I'm working on a LUA telemetry script but I do not get what I expect by unpacking GPS 0x5002 telemetry frames. In particular the altitude that I obtain never matches what mission planner shows at the very same time. I expect the frame to.

Here is my tutorial on how to flash OpenTX to your T16. Pro Tip. When flashing OpenTX firmware, make sure you check the boxes for lua & luac in order to run LUA scripts. You also have to setup Telemetry correctly first, if you don't have telemetry, or it's not working, LUA script is not going to work. How to Setup LUA Script in T1 Telemetrie Einstellungen in OpenTX - geschrieben in Forum FrSKY: Moin zusammen, ich habe mir das AnySense Modul zum auslesen der Daten vom Kopter gekauft zum anzeigen der Daten auf der Fernsteuerung meiner Taranis. Leider finde ich keine Infos, wie ich die Telemetrie Daten der Sensoren in OpenTX richtig einstellen muss, (Siehe Bild) Der RSSI mit der ID: F101 und SubID 25 wir mir auf der.

To start the KISS Crossfire LUA script, proceed as follows: Turn on Radio Select correct model long press MENÜ short press PAGE and you will get to the SD card navigate to : [ SCRIPTS] -> [ TELEMETRY] -> choose KissCF.lua (! CF=Crossfire; SP= FrSKY S.Port !) long press the rotary knob. OpenTX LUA Script. Nobody; 12 minutes ago; Nobody. Intermediate. Posts 142 Images 13 Bookmarks 2. 12 minutes ago; New #1; Für meinen TRX-4 Sport habe ich mir für meine Taranis Q X7 ein LUA-Script gebastelt, das mir die Telemetrie-Daten darstellt. Somit habe ich alle, für mich relevanten Daten, auf einer Seite dargestellt. Und so sieht das Ganze dann aus: Ist mein erstes LUA-Script und hat. Runnig X9D+ with OpenTX 2.2.0, LUA X9 from BetaFlight github. FC is an Omnibus F4 with SoftSerial set to Telemetry/Smartport. There's only one FW for that receiver. Any help appreciated. greetz, ZeLaus. Reply. Nagy 26th September 2017 - 9:22 pm. Here the same. Better you ask FrSky. Reply. ZeLaus 1st October 2017 - 7:31 pm. Everything working with newest firmware on normal XSR. OmnibusF3 AND.

OpenTX Sender Firmware (SD Card) Download und flashen - Sendergrundeinstellungen - Der Modellwizard, oder wie lege ich ein neues Modell an. - Sender mit PC verbinden - Menüstruktur OpenTX Companion/ Modell editieren . a. Konfiguration b. Input (Geber) c. Mischer d. Ausgabe e. Kurven f. Logische Schalter g. Spezial Funktionen h. Telemetrie. • OpenTX transmitter with colour screen • OpenTX 2.2 or above Installation New installation: 1. Create sub-folder on SD card: \WIDGETS\SHOWALL 2. Copy file 'main.lua' into SHOWALL folder 3. Select the model that you want the widget to be active in. 4. Long press on the {Telemetry} button 5. Select the screen layout (full screen recommended.

Lua Telemetry Flight Status for Taranis/Horus/Jumper T16 transmitters using Toggle.zip contains four OpenTX Lua Mix scripts which can be used to enhance the output of either a two position or three position switch. I have included an eepe file to show how the functions can be used. Toggles_Lua sets up a model which can demonstrate the mix scripts, Toggles_LS shows how to do the same thing. Lua scripts for OpenTx. Show It All info widget. Last updated 24 July 2020. Description. ShowItAll displays all the basic info you need, in a single pane Now you can run this LUA script from the Home page of the model. Press PAGE button till the telemetry show up and then use PAGE to scroll to the screen you selected, like Screen 2, etc. The only thing is that if you run scripts from TELEMETRY screen, they will use MENU button to skip pages inside the script, instead of PAGE. Because PAGE. Zurzeit habe ich die aktuelle OpenTX Compagnion Software (ich glaube 2.1) und auf der Taranis OpenTX 2.1.6. Ich flashe jetzt aber mal OpenTX 2.0 auf die Taranis, damit das mit der LUA Scriptversion funktioniert. Wo genau müssen dann die Dateien unter OpenTX 2.0 hin? Ich habe jetzt die Version 2.0.17. Es kam eine Warnung und nun werden die. To open the BF LUA script in OpenTX: Long press menu button; Press page button to go to the SD-HC Card tab; Press Enter on the BF folder; Scroll to bf.luac and long press Enter ; Press Enter on the SCRIPTS folder; Press Enter on the TOOLS folder; Scroll to bf.lua and long press Enter; Choose Execute; You now will see the first page of the script, showing the PID's. You can navigate through

Lua data sharing across scripts - OpenTX 2Taranis Lua Telemetry Script für OpentX 2

GitHub - lynix/opentx-telemetry: Telemetry Script for

Now - OpenTX 2.0.3 - we have 3 kinds of Lua scripts, the 3rd category is function scripts that are available in the Special Functions screen. I am adding a new (4th) category which will be the telemetry scripts. Theorically you will be able to have up to 7 custom telemetry screens, all written in Lua Für meinen TRX-4 Sport habe ich mir für meine Taranis Q X7 ein Lua-Script gebastelt, das mir die Telemetrie-Daten darstellt.Somit habe ich alle, für mich relevanten Daten, auf einer Seite dargestellt.Und so sieht das Ganze dann aus Vorbereitung. Um die Telemetrie Funktion nutzen zu können, muss das Crossfire als auch die Taranis auf die neuste Beta Firmware aktualisiert werden. Die Anleitung für das Crossfire findet Ihr hier. Und für die Taranis hier. Wenn das Crossfire und die Taranis aktualisiert wurden, wird es Zeit, alles zu verkabeln und vorzubereiten

Using Lua in OpenTX 2

Part III - OpenTX Lua API Reference 4.1. Constants 4.1.1. Key Event Constants 4.2. General Functions 4.2.1. getTime() 4.2 OpenTX fields include transmitter based data (sticks, switches, sliders, etc.) as well as telemetry based data (gps, rssi, etc.). local value=getValue(<fieldId>) Input parameters The getValue() function will accept a string argument, but the preferred practice is to use. opentx/lua-reference-guide 18 opentx/opentx-taranis-manual 14 opentx/opentx.github.io 11 Thanks to the GPS telemetry feature and good beepers the odds are fair to locate and recover it by reading the last reported coordinates from the radio telemetry display and enter it to google maps on the mobile phone. However, I found two hurdles that made this unexpectedly difficult during the last. OpenTX telemetry screen using FrSky passthrough from Pixhawk 2.4.8. jplopezll/OpenTX_FrSkySPort_passthrough_master . OpenTX telemetry screen using FrSky passthrough from Pixhawk 2.4.8. Users starred: 13; Users forked: 2; Users watching: 13; Updated at: 2020-01-03 10:06:37; Telemetry screen for OpenTX using FrSky S.Port passthrough protocol The script. FrSky passthrough protocol to show.

OpenTX 2.1 - Lua Telemetry Screen #1 (2016-09-08) => Geht gar nicht, Skript Syntaxfehler; OpenTX 2.1 - Wizard Lua script (2016-09-08) => Geht gar nicht; Hat keiner eine Lösung ? Build options waren : LUA, LUAC, Bindopt, noHeli, sqt5font Gruß Zitieren; Zum Seitenanfang; Dillbriese. Erleuchteter. Erhaltene Likes 2.193 Beiträge 3.403 Karteneintrag ja. 7; 19. November 2017, 21:59. Habe aus. OpenTX Lua Telemetry Scripts What Is A Telemetry script Access telemetry data Displays customized telemetry screens Process telemetry data (telemetry calculations) Up to 3 active scripts per model Selected from the telemetry screen settings Can be used by different models (with caution) Can be used to display non-telemetry data such a the Read more » Telemetry Scripts. G-RX8 - Redundancy. LUA Scripts testen. Hallo, beim Versuch Lua-Scripte zum Laufen zu bringen, bin ich im opentx-2-2-lua-reference-guide auf folgende Informationen (auszugsweise) gestoßen: Anhang anzeigen opentx-2-2-lua.pdf. Darin wird auf die Testsuite ZeroBrane Studio als ideales Test-Tool verwiesen

OpenTX Taranis Lua Telemetry Script with widgets - YouTub

LUA 502 - Beginning Model Scripting. Your instructor: Isaac Davis (Fig Newton on RCGroups) Getting Started. All right class, now that we have the basic concept of what a lua script does and what they are capable of, let's get the party started. There are plenty of courses and classes on programming so I won't spend much time going over the basics of coding unless it's something I feel. FrSky, Jumper, OpenTX und LUA-Scripting Die Daten von / in der Telemetrie werden ja nur von einem Telemetrieempfänger, nämlich deinem Sender ausgewertet. Der kommt damit aus dem Tritt wenn er z.B. von 2 Modellen jeweils die Fahrspannung übermittelt bekommt. Deshalb darf es für einen Sender nur einen Empfänger mit aktiver Telemetrie geben. Ich kenne auf jeden Fall noch kein System das. OpenTX 2.1 Lua Reference Guide Introduction Acknowledgments Getting Started Part I - Script Type Overview Mix Scripts Telemetry Scripts One-Time Scripts Wizard Script Function Scripts Part II - OpenTX Lua API Programming Guide Input Table Syntax Output Table Syntax Init Function Syntax Run Function Syntax Return Statement Syntax Included Lua Libraries io Library io.open() io.close() io.read. Liste Sensor ID's (S.Port Telemetrie) Logische Schalter; Logische Schalter und Spezial Funktionen in OpenTX; LUA; LUA für die SxR-Empfänger für die Taranis X9D(+) in Deutsch; luac; M . M7-R Gimbals; M9-R Gimbals; MC12P Gimbals; Modellbilder erstellen; Modelldaten ausdrucken als PDF; Modellspeicher austauschen; M (Fortsetzung) Modellwizard.

OpenTx seems to be coded to expect the incoming data in kts, so by selecting kts as the sensor it does no scaling on the value sent from the teensy (or FrSky GPS/Airspeed sensor), so the LUA script expects the value provided by the sensor to be m/s (which it will be even though the sensor is configured for kts) and it provides scaling based on this m/s input.If you choose any other unit. If I run any OpenTX LUA script for Spirit (for example basic.lua), then after exiting the script I don't get ESC telemetry values anymore. All numbers become red and they are not updated anymore until I restart the spirit. This is true even if I didn't change anything in the settings through the script and didn't not click Save settings. I think I didn't have this issue before. It makes. OpenTX is provided with the possibility to use sound packs. These are audio (wav) files, and you can play these from OpenTX. Like many have heard on the field To put together a... 0. Frsky / OpenTX / Projects / Scripting. 15 December 2019 GitHub is where people build software. More than 65 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 200 million projects

Betaflight TX Lua Scripts. Firmware Considerations. Betaflight - As a best practice, it is recommended to use the most recent stable release of Betaflight to obtain the best possible results; OpenTX - 2.3.4 or newer; Crossfire TX / RX - v2.11 or newer; FrSky TX / RX with support for SmartPort - While most receivers with SmartPort support work fine, it is recommended to update the receiver to. OpenTX: Geschwindigkeit der Aussprache, Telemetrie runden. Ersteller Flyingmatze; Erstellt am 25 März 2019; F. Flyingmatze User. 25 März 2019 #1 Hallo, Ich habe eine FrSky X10 und arbeite gerade an der Optimierungen der Telemetrie. Ich lasse mir auf Knopfdruck mehrere Werte ausgeben, aber mich stört, dass es so langsam passiert. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Geschwindigkeit der Ansage zu.

Describe the bug In telemetry lua code getRSSI() does not go to Zero in companion but the old method getValue(RSSI) does go to Zero. Code snippet provided. To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior: Run the the code provided and click the page button to get to the Telemetry screen. In the Telemetry Simulator reduce the RSSI db selector down towards Zero or just set RSSI to Zero. getRSSI. Mix Scripts. WARNING - Do not use Lua mix scripts for controlling any aspect of your model that could cause a crash if script stops executing. Description. Each model can have several mix scripts associated with it. These scripts are run periodically for entire time that model is selected

GitHub - teckel12/LuaTelemetry: FrSky SmartPort(S

OpenTX 2.2 mit Lua-Unterstützung Empfänger mit S.Port Integrationskabel für S.Port Contents . 1 Verkabelung; 2 Installation; 3 So öffnen Sie das Menü; 4 Vorschau der Integration; 5 Fehlerbehebung; 6 Telemetriedaten; 7 Verwendung; 1 Verkabelung. Um die Integration zu ermöglichen, müssen Sie Ihren Empfänger und Ihr Gerät nur nach folgendem Schema anschließen. Bitte beachten Sie, dass. Quickstart Guide for FrSky Taranis with OpenTX Welcome to FrSky: FrSky (pronounced Free Sky) is pleased to welcome you to the exciting world of open platform radios. We trust you will have many years of pleasure with your FrSky Taranis. The Taranis was developed by hobbyists for hobbyists. Turning on the Taranis: There are two different modes in which the Taranis can operate. Operation. OpenTX 2.2.1 with FrSky Horus X10/X10S support is finally released! Of course with a lot of other new features and fixes, among which the end of the hardcoded choice between Joystick and Storage for the USB connection, which can now be configured in the radio settings menu or with a popup upon cable connection on all supported STM32-based radios (i.e. all FrSky radios)

Taranis Lua Telemetry Script für OpentX ab 2

OpenTX - Telemetrie loggen (GPS, RSSI, TBS LQ,

Opentx Companion Manuals Thread In; Opentx Companion Software That Runs; Opentx Companion Manual Up To; Opentx Companion Manual Up To. Model Settings Views, Menus Settings Screen Navigation Editing Settings Main View Telemetry View Models Menus Radio Menus Sounds Announcements Using OpenTX Lua Scripts Keeping This Manual Up To Date Examples Mini Guides Radio Menus Model Menus Telemetry Sensors. OpenTx est un firmware en logiciel libre pour les radiocommandes des marque FrSky/Flysky/Turnigy. On le retrouve en particulier sur une grande partie des radio de marque Frsky comme la Taranis ou la Horus. Ces radios ont un système de télémétrie que l'on peut coupler avec le LUA, le langage de script de OpenTX OpenTX einrichten # Die Funkfernbedienung muss auf den aktuellen nightly build von open-TX geflasht werden und richtig eingestellt werden (CRSF-Shot konfigurieren, ADC-Filter aus, Endpunkte einstellen, etc. Das Express-LRS LUA-Script installieren wir später). Arbeitet diese Hinweise ab, dann kann nix mehr schief gehen. Betaflight einrichten # Verbindet euren FC mit Betaflight und wählt bei. TBS Crossfire- BetaFlight PID Tuning per LUA Skript. Bisher konnte man die BetaFlight PIDs nur in Verbindung FrSky S-Port Empfängern. Jedoch hat das TBS eigene CRSF Protokoll in den letzten Updates immer mehr Funktionen erhalten. Unter anderem werden jetzt auch extra Daten... 1. Frsky/ OpenTx / TBS Crossfire. 8 Jan, 2017

RC-SOAR - the Blog: Programming OpenTx - getting to grips

Yaapu FrSky Telemetry Script for OpenTX — Rover documentatio

OpenTX 2.2 LUA Log Viewer (Taranis) Hallo Zusammen, ich bin grade dabei mich in die Programmierung eines LUA scripts für die Taranis einzuarbeiten. Und zwar ist mein Plan ein erstelltes Logfile zu dem Modell aufzurufen und dort zunächst die Höhen in einer Art Graph anzuzeigen SETUP. frsky telemetry display, Yaapu FrSky Telemetry Script for OpenTX This is an open source LUA script to display FrSky passthrough telemetry on Horus X10,X12, Jumper T16,T18, Radiomaster TX16S, Taranis X9D,X9E,QX7 and Jumper T12 radios. The Taranis is an amazingly flexible radio. Also, assuming you are using sbus and smartport for telemetry, you can copy exactly how he did those settings. Axys' LUA CleanFlight Telemetry Script for OpenTX. CleanFlight Telemetry Script or CFTS for short, is a LUA script for OpenTX 2.1.x. This is the script I'm using on my Taranis X9D+ transmitter. Still is a work in progress and I'll update this post with more info. While I'm refining the script, here you can take a peek

Frsky OpenTx Horus: LUA Telemetrie Scipt Sender / Empfänge Telemetry Scripts 2.3. One-Time Scripts 2.4. Wizard Script 2.5. Function Scripts 3. Part II - OpenTX Lua API Programming Guide 3.1. Input Table Syntax 3.2. Output Table Syntax 3.3. Init Function Syntax 3.4. Run Function Syntax 3.5. Return Statement Syntax 3.6. Included Lua Libraries. OpenTX 2.1 Telemetry: The FrSky GPS Sensor, setting up, using and creating extra sensors 17:39. Consider supporting the channel by visiting In this video we take a long look at the great FrSky GPS V2 sensor. Connect it to any SmartPort capable receiver (X8R, X4R, XSR etc.) and you can get readings of location, speed, distance range and even look at the flights back in Google Earth! Thanks for. Video of Lua Telemetry running on X9D+ Horus/Jumper T16 and Nirvana view Pilot (glass cockpit) view for fixed wing pilots Radar (map) view Altitude graph view Classic view Features. Supported receivers: All FrSky telemetry receivers (X, R9 and D series) and all TBS Crossfire receivers; Supported transmitters: All FrSky Taranis and Horus transmitters, Jumper T12 & T16 and the FLYSKY Nirvana. Part II - OpenTX Lua API Programming Guide. This section provides more specifics on the OpenTX Lua implementation. Here you will find syntax rules for interface tables and functions. Also included is a table showing which of the available Lua libraries are accessible to OpenTx scripts OpenTX 2.2 Lua Reference Guide; OpenTX 2.2 Lua Reference Guide Introduction Acknowledgments Getting Started Part I - Script Type Overview Mix Scripts Telemetry Scripts One-Time Scripts Wizard Script Function Scripts Widget Scripts Theme Scripts Part II - OpenTX Lua API Programming Guide Input Table Syntax Output Table Syntax Init Function Syntax Run Function Syntax Return Statement Syntax.

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